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Last Updated: Jan. 25, 2013
Beloved Hawaii Columnist Eddie Sherman Passes...

Veteran Hawaii columnist Eddie Sherman dies at 88

Hawaii Reporter Jan. 23. Article by P.T. Brent

"When I was assigned to write my essay on Pearl Harbor, I decided to do my best and visited your center to earn the highest grade," - shares her experience our visitor Joanna.


This website is a tribute to and a brief record of an ideal,
fully realized yet, sadly, it exists no more ...
Dec. 2008 - Photos of Marine Remembrance Removal (temporarily) ... to be reinstalled later.
The "Sacred" Relics of Pearl Harbor

We Miss Serving You, The Visitor To Historic Pearl Harbor ...
Ho'okipa Hawaiian Style!
(Old-Fashioned Hawaiian Hospitality)

More Photos ....



On Monday morning, 14 November 2005, a group of dedicated and patriotic Americans,
all veterans and many of them former Marines,
gathered at Pearl Harbor overlooking the USS ARIZONA Memorial
to dedicate a new Flagstaff and display of bronze plaques
commemorating the 73 gallant U.S. Marines who gave their lives for their country
and 15 of their shipmates who survived the attack on the battleship USS ARIZONA
in Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.

Introducing the first hospitality center for visitors
of historic Pearl Harbor, home of the ARIZONA Memorial, the USS BOWFIN Submarine Museum, and the Battleship USS MISSOURI. We are your HQ with a healthy variety
of food and refreshments, respite from the weather
while waiting for the Arizona ferry, the Mighty Mo Trolley
to Ford Island, and after visiting the USS BOWFIN gift shop.

The story - Click Here ...

Radio Interview - PTB & Rick Hamada
Radio Interview - Dick Camp & Rick Hamada


"Wow, what a difference at Pearl Harbor!
It's been a few years since I have taken visitors
to the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri.
I would also take them to Pearlridge for a nice lunch.

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is a wonderful surprise.
We can take our time to have an excellent lunch,
see the shops, get out of the sun and rest and relax
and have cold drinks and ice cream.
They truly have the welfare of the tourists in mind.

I had read some negative comments in the paper
but I saw nothing negative there.
The employees were happy and helpful.

A definite improvement to the entire complex."

PATTI KAONOHI - Nov. 10, 2006 - Honolulu Advertiser
'Ewa Beach

"I wanted to say that I am glad
the Visitors Center is now in place.
Last time I came there, none was in place.
A good place to enjoy a quick breakfast and relaxing location. Thank you for taking the pictures
and putting them on the website
of my daughter and myself taking a break for a mini picnic
on 12 Dec 05. Happy Holidays."


"We should be pleased and proud to see
that the thousands and thousands of visitors
to the USS Arizona and the USS Bowfin
will finally be treated as welcome guests
while they endure the long waits."

BECKY TILLERY - Hawaii Business Woman and daughter of WWII veteran

"The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center
provides a much needed place
for the millions of visitors each year,
a place to relax and take shelter
while they wait their turn to visit the memorials."


"I was told the new Visitor Center was not a good idea:
After one visit I now believe it is much needed."

VISITOR - US Mainland

"The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center fulfills a longstanding need for the millions of Americans and International Visitors
to Pearl Harbor.
Guests now appreciate a comfortable place to sit down,
rest and reflect on the historical significance of the site.
It also provides a welcome respite from the hot sun and rain."

GLEN F. TOMLINSON - President, The Tomlinson Corporation

7 Arizona Memorial Way - Honolulu, Hawaii 96818
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