Happy 231st Birthday Marine! Photos by Joe Kopetsky
Photos by Joe Kopetsky- Nov 4, 2006
Halloween Photos - Oct 31/06
Beirut Briefing - Maj. T. Prentice
ASYMCA BBQ Photos - Oct 06

Colonel John Bates' Speech

Given At Sunset on
Dec. 7, 2005 - Marine Corps Remembrance - Halawa Landing - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

True Grit, Duct Tape and an Irish Pocket Knife were key ingredients in the success of this die-hard Marine Rescue Team.

250 grateful refugees (background) have this trio to thank for fearlessly guiding them out of a perilous and hellish Hawaiian swamp... Bravo Zebra, Indeed!


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Formal Affair Photos

Joe Salutes The Fallen... May/06
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Ramona's Party- 9/06


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