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by P.T. Brent


3/21/2004 - Iwo Jima - One Last Look

Ranging from 77 to 85, these aging leathernecks are all here for a last visit, their only visit since 1945, pausing for a final moment to revisit this hallowed island, now a shrine to both sides. More >>


5/9/2004 - U.S. Marines bring hope to a poor African nation - French Foreign Legion joins Marines

Djibouti, Horn of Africa; A Jeep bus careens wildly around a corner and the side mirror whacks the head of a local man; he drops, apparently dead. Djiboutians take little notice. Life is cheap is this lawless land. More >>


5/21/2004 - Our Texas Air Force

Ground control to U.S. Air Force Hercules C 130

Sir: Condition Red … the field is under attack again More >>


5/24/2004 - The Doggone Marine Corps

And a Gyrene from Grand Rapids …. More >>

Also >>


5/28/2004 - Interview with U.S. Marine General Jerry McAbee

"For those who have fought for it, life has a special flavor the protected will never know"

A few words written by an anonymous Marine, taken from a now famous combat ration box in Vietnam .... and now echoed by the U.S. Marines in Afghanistan fighting a global war on terrorism. We are visiting the Marines arriving in AFG theater (Marine Expeditionary Unit) comprised of a fleet of Navy ships, aircraft, and a battalion over 1,000 U.S. Marines.

More >>


6/3/2004 - Interview with Maui Marine Ernest Hoopii

Afghanistan ... Meet First Sergeant Ernest Hoopii United States Marine Corps, a career Marine from Maui. Back during high school years on Oahu, his pals at Mid Pacific use to call him “ Hoop” as he demonstrated his athletic prowess at volley ball, track, and of course hoops. More >>


6/18/2004 - One Billion Barrels of Oil

We and our military know full well the price and the bad news. Here is the potential good news.

If ancient history repeats itself, Iraq, with good fortunate, can become the Renaissance of the Middle East.

Major ingredient is a substantial national wealth beneath the ground. One hundred billion barrels of oil offers these soon to be liberated citizens a chance and time to purchase a bright future. Now set free from their physical and intellectual captivity and now under new management the Iraqi people may now be empowered with human rights, which will set the bar for future Arab counties. More >>


6/25/2004 - The Sound of Freedom

The Marine choppers, air force C 5's C 17's and C 130's were taking off last night when I recorded this report. The sounds are deafening from a tent alongside the runways at Baghdad International Airport temporary airbase of the "CPA. The" people at the Coalition Provisional Authority military call it "BIAP" (bee - op). As one Marine, a Texan once said: "be happy, that is the sound of freedom you are hearing." More >>


7/2/2004 - The Japanese Alamo

Iwo Jima - Marine and Navy pilots, 59 years ago, called it "a charred pork chop." From the sky in a Marine Corsair this sulfuric volcanic island is dramatically different from what was experienced by Marine infantry on these black coral beaches. The 3rd, 4th, & 5th Marine Divisions encountered horrific casualties when attacking this now legendary rock. A miniscule island comprised of only seven and one half square miles, it was smaller than Santa Monica, California. A task force of 495 ships gathered, more than our current Navy now has in totality, assembled off shore awaiting orders to "land the landing force." More >>


7/30/2004 - The Horn of Africa

DATELINE DJIBOUTI U.S. Forces - A Jeep bus driven wildly careens around a corner and the side mirror whacks the head of a local man, he drops, apparently dead. Djiboutians take little notice. Life is cheap is this lawless land. More >>


8/13/2004 - Atrocities Incredulous

One Navy Corpsman said he cannot understand the coalition forces standard of: "Shock and Awe." He stated that since we were kids the good guys always gave the other guys a chance to drop their guns and raise their hands. Why ... why this display of might in Baghdad? All over the world a minority, albeit vocal group, are creating discord over "Bush's war." Perhaps they have a point. Clearly, in retrospect the Vietnam protestors were on target with their cry of an unjust war. More >>


9/17/2004 - Beans, Bullets and Bandages and the Red Ball Express

In WWII the army was re-supplied by the "Red Ball Express" a euphemism for a transportation convoy company that kept the troops supplied with the essentials to life in combat, such as beans, bullets and bandages. More >>


9/24/2004 - The Grey Ghost

“We have done so much with so little, for so long; we now feel we can do everything with nothing.” Ref: USMC’s tight budget (Col. J.R. Bates, USMC) More >>


11/12/2004 - Let's Put Saddam Back in Power

It is no secret that anti-American spirit is strong in France these days. In a recent poll, President Bush received only a 5 percent positive approval rating in a populace that is 20 percent Muslim and growing. More >>


4/6/2005 - Iwo Jima Revisited on 60th Anniversary

Sixty years has done little to diminish the visceral memories of both the Japanese and U.S. Marine survivors visiting for this 60th anniversary of the battle to the few living survivors. It is the last journey for many of these brave Marines who traveled far and long to have one last look on a battlefield, which has not changed since 1945. The rusted detritus of a violence, tanks, cannons, mortars, bayonets and personal effects still stand silent sentinels, untouched by time, to one of war’s most horrific battle sites. More >>


2/20/2007 - Haze Gray and Underway on the Good Ship Russell

I had the opportunity recently to serve as an embedded journalist aboard the battle-ready U.S.S. RUSSELL, a Navy high-speed vessel (speed classified) named after the 16th Commandant of the Marine Corps and Major General Russell.

A few years back, Admiral Walt Doren's aide Commander Brad Cooper decided that when the he secured a command at sea, I would be a lucky guest aboard. Most people might not get such a chance in their lifetime, so I thought I’d share a little of what life is like for these dedicated men and women in the U.S. Navy. More >>


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leatherneck Article:

The common denominator of all Marine Corps virtues is “respect.” Therefore, it would, indeed, be difficult, if not impossible to find a Marine, past or present, who has earned our respect more than Lieutenant General John Archer Lejeune, pronounced LeJERN. Every year, Ma rines worldwide read, as ordered in November of 1921, LtGen Lejeune’s Birthday Message, which enhances our much-envied 10 Nov. tradition. more >>


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