Atrocities Incredulous

Dispatches from the War on Terrorism
By P. T. Brent, 8/13/2004 12:01:14 AM

One Navy Corpsman said he cannot understand the coalition forces standard of: "Shock and Awe." He stated that since we were kids the good guys always gave the other guys a chance to drop their guns and raise their hands. Why ... why this display of might in Baghdad? All over the world a minority, albeit vocal group, are creating discord over "Bush's war." Perhaps they have a point. Clearly, in retrospect the Vietnam protestors were on target with their cry of an unjust war.

In reality happenstance made them right. They were like today's indignant protestors doing their thing to be fashionable. History has made them righteous ... and lucky.

This is no Vietnam by any stretch of the imagination. This is the reincarnation of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Hirohito of World War Two's infamies. The people of Iran have had few sympathies with Saddam removal. They like the Kuwaiti and his own people have experienced genocide at his hands. The last two polls averaged taken by the Arab News and the Kuwaiti Times state that 89.6 percent of the people support the war as long as Saddam is removed for good. Perhaps they have a different perspective than these protestors?

Last night, after returning to "KC" the Kuwait City's Ministry of Information (Suchrain Sarah Al-Deyyain) invited this scribe to visit the recently created museum of Iraqi atrocities. It seems to maintain a low profile. Perhaps, because the media hesitates or will not report scenes that are beyond human comprehension. This tragic recreation should have been done 10 to 12 years ago. It should be redone by Hollywood into videos and shared with the world. The Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C. is comparable. Remarkably, the Kuwaitis and the Israelis have a common cause; the eradication of an evil regime.

If each and every protestor could take one hour to walk through these passageways filled with photographic, video and graphic displays of unimaginable horror. They would do a 180-degree switch of their position. Once they had recovered from the tears, disgust and stomach churning atrocities. This vile human being and the vermin he breeds would not have the support of a single good person.

The only question left would be when and how a Iraqi tribunal will send Saddam's butt straight to a well deserved hell.

P. T. Brent O U T

P. T. Brent is a Hawaii business man and former U.S. Marine infantry veteran. He has been embedded with the Marines in Iraq and other conflict areas for the past 60 days.

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