One Billion Barrels of Oil

Combat Notebook: Dispatches from the War on Terrorism
By P. T. Brent, 6/18/2004 4:28:25 AM

We and our military know full well the price and the bad news. Here is the potential good news.

If ancient history repeats itself, Iraq, with good fortunate, can become the Renaissance of the Middle East.

Major ingredient is a substantial national wealth beneath the ground. One hundred billion barrels of oil offers these soon to be liberated citizens a chance and time to purchase a bright future. Now set free from their physical and intellectual captivity and now under new management the Iraqi people may now be empowered with human rights, which will set the bar for future Arab counties.

Often called the Birthplace of Civilization, Iraq, with help from its friends, should be able to show the way to the rest of the Islamic world. Culturally and civilly it may evolve into a standard of freedom and economic success unseen in this repressive region.

In an exclusive interview with a Marine Colonel who educated in Lebanon, is fluent in Arabic and its culture. Colonel Philip Yff at Marcent is like many fascinated with the future of Iraq. Algebra was invented in Iraq by Al Khwarazmi in the fifteenth century. The concept of zero was created in old Iraq. Medicine thrived; all doctors in that era were Arab.

Iraq has mineral wealth beside oil. It has agricultural wealth when managed well. "The fertile crescent of the Tigris and Euphrates is a rich farming area." Tower of Babel, the Garden of Eden and Babylon are all from this part of the world.

Colonel Yff (pronounced ive) in 1996 wrote a book about Saddam and his penchants. Conclusion was that Saddam had thrived on international discord. His Ba'ath party operates on adversity.

Political scientists have stated: that repression creates anger; anger spawns radicals and affords characters like Saddam the chance to destroy civilization. Freed after this war the people of Iraq could break this cycle. The value of life, personal freedoms, and human dignity would become the order of the day. These virtues would echo through out this troubled region of the world. Perhaps democracy would break out all over Arabia. All derived from a few barrels of liquid gold.

In our second exclusive interview with General McAbee he stated:

"The Liquid Gold cannot be used to line the pockets of a few, but it must be turned to the better long time use of the people and the nation. It has to be used to build a lasting future not just huge, temporary wealth."

P. T. Brent is a Hawaii business man and former U.S. Marine infantry veteran. He has been embedded with the Marines in Iraq and other conflict areas for the past 60 days.

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