PHVC Crew Members and Guests salute the flag and pause to remember
those Marines who perished with the USS ARIZONA on that fateful day
of December, 1941.

1-36 | 37-51

Photos by Regis

pict0050a pict0057a pict0064a pict0068a pict0070a pict0077a
PICT0050a.jpg PICT0057a.jpg PICT0064a.jpg PICT0068a.jpg PICT0070a.jpg PICT0077a.jpg
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PICT0080a.jpg PICT0081a.jpg PICT0082a.jpg PICT0084a.jpg PICT0095a.jpg PICT0096a.jpg
pict0099a pict0103a pict0105a pict0113a pict0114a pict0116a
PICT0099a.jpg PICT0103a.jpg PICT0105a.jpg PICT0113a.jpg PICT0114a.jpg PICT0116a.jpg
pict0118a pict0119a pict0120a pict0122a pict0123a pict0124a
PICT0118a.jpg PICT0119a.jpg PICT0120a.jpg PICT0122a.jpg PICT0123a.jpg PICT0124a.jpg
pict0125a pict0130a pict0131a pict0134a pict0135a pict0136a
PICT0125a.jpg PICT0130a.jpg PICT0131a.jpg PICT0134a.jpg PICT0135a.jpg PICT0136a.jpg
pict0137a pict0138a pict0151a pict0153a pict0154a pict0156a
PICT0137a.jpg PICT0138a.jpg PICT0151a.jpg PICT0153a.jpg PICT0154a.jpg PICT0156a.jpg

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