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THE DEDICATION DAY - 11/14/05 << click to see photos...

Ideally, the new flagstaff, yardarm and plaques (total weight 7 tons) would have been dedicated on 10 November, the Marine Corps birthday. However, the opportunity to have General Michael Hagee, current and 33rd Commandant of the Marine Corps, to attend the ceremony required a change to 14 November. We are honored to have General Hagee with us on this very important day and hope he and other Marines will visit us whenever in Hawaii, officially or on holiday

In our party of VIPs for this ceremony we are very honored to have one Marine from the USS ARIZONA detachment
who survived the 7 December 1941 attack. Retired Colonel John H. Earle, Jr., of Honolulu is our guest of honor. The other surviving Marine, former PFC Lamar S. Crawford, of Tyler, Texas, sends his regrets. Please make a point to introduce yourself to the attending Marine hero after the commemoration ceremony.

THE PLAQUES TAKE SHAPE! - See Foundry Photos...

Photos in the album were taken during the Summer and Fall of 2005 at the main plant of Wagner Foundry’s BRONZE MEMORIAL COMPANY in Chicago, the firm that is making the seven bronze plaques that will adorn the USS ARIZONA Marine Corps Remembrance at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Each plaque weighs 185-pounds.

Marines stationed in the Chicago area monitored the work on a regular basis, to ensure proper protocol and schedules were met. The job was on schedule as of 10 October...

See latest photos:



10/26/05 - Plaques affixed and flag raising ceremony

11/02/05 - Flag Raising - USS Nimitz - Admiral Mike Vitale's Visit

11/03/05 - YMCA Board Members Visit - USS Nimitz Departs

11/14/05 - Flagstaff Remembrance Ceremony - OooRah!

HQ Marine Corps Photo Gallery of PHVC's Special Day

12/7/05 - Pearl Harbor Day - Evening Salute! (An Annual Event Forever)

12/18/05 - General Robert Magnus (Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps) - Visit...

Preamble - Program - Fund - Mahalo - Plaques - Survivors - Colonel John H. Earle - L.S. Crawford - Marines - Ultimate Sacrifice


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