Architect of USS ARIZONA Marine Memorial & Remembrance Passes... 10/23/08

We are saddened to relay the news of the passing of our dear friend Jim Park. Patrick and I joined him at Kaneohe Bay Officer's Club for Mongolian BBQ, his last evening out.

Jim Park was recognized a premier architect in the western United States and Hawaii. His Dad was a 28-year career Marine Aviator. Consequently, Jim and his brother were raised on a multitude of Marine Bases.

Jim was the Architect of the USS ARIZONA Marine Memorial & Remembrance at Pearl Harbor and the new one at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. His name is engraved for posterity upon one of the memorial's bronzes.

His work is legendary and his legacy will live long after we have all joined him in the hereafter. Jim is survived by his wife Melisa and their three children.

Jim was honored at MCBH Hawaii on Friday, 17 October 2008, with a special recognition presented by Colonel John Bates USMC and a dinner at the Officer's Club in Kaneohe, Hawaii
(see photos).

One darn good guy!! We will miss him.

Semper Fidelis, Jim!

With Heavy Hearts , Colonel John Bates USMC and P.T. Brent USMC