Our mission is to offer top-notch visitor services. The PHVC is a new venue which provides a safe and comfortable place for the visiting public to dine and rest as they visit the museums and historical ships on site and honor the memory of those entombed aboard the USS ARIZONA.

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by: Eddie Sherman

Once upon a time, about a year or so ago, the area between the Arizona Memorial and the Bowfin Submarine Museum lay fallow at Pearl Harbor’s historic Halawa Landing. A little over six acres of empty, neglected, cracked concrete, it was truly an eye sore. Broken glass and debris was littered everywhere. It was also known for its high crime rate. Enter Patrick Brent.    Read The Entire Article




by: Regis Bourne

Martha J. Robbins, USMC (Ret.) received her basic training at Camp LeJeune, then 21 weeks of training at Naval Air Technical Training Center in Norman, Oklahoma.

She served as an aircraft mechanic at Quantico Air Station until Sept. 28, 1945. This was a family affair. Both she and her sister had joined the Marines. While Martha served at Quantico, her sister served in San Francisco.    Read The Entire Article

About Our Center

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is a joint venture between Ford Island Properties LLC and the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, Inc. (PHVC) to provide tourist services at the Halawa Landing site.

PHVC is located on a waterfront site between the USS BOWFIN Memorial and the Navy shuttle to the USS ARIZONA. The Center was established to provide much needed services such as food, baggage storage, tours, transportation, and sheltered resting areas for the 1.6 million annual visitors (4,500 per day) that come to Pearl Harbor to pay their respects.

The first phase of this project consists of a tented structure that includes tables and chairs and other conveniences to make the visitor experience at Pearl Harbor more comfortable. Service vendors brought in under this arrangement offer their products in a tasteful 1942 WWII ambience.

Plans are underway for a permanent structure.

PHVC works closely with the National Park Service, the USS MISSOURI Memorial Association, and the USS BOWFIN Memorial in developing Halawa Landing in a manner that both respects the environment of the memorials and creates for the visitor a lasting and poignant memory of Pearl Harbor.


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