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First Lt. Stephen J. Boada, right, is congratulated after receiving the Silver Star medal from Lt. Col. Norm Cooling, commanding officer of the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, at Marine Corps Base Hawai'i last Wednesday. Boada is with the 1st Battalion, 12th Marines, at Kane'ohe Bay. See story.

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is dedicated to ALL who served in the United States military, but especially to an awesome Marine, Lt. Colonel Daniel Russell Fox, USMC – born 10 July 1898 – killed in action (KIA) aboard the USS Arizona 07 December 1941.

Lt. Colonel Fox was a ranking member of the 88 Marines (72 entombed and often forgotten) aboard the USS Arizona. On 4 October 1918, then Sergeant Danny Fox earned the Navy Cross, the Distinguished Service Cross(DSC) and the French Croix de Guerre (the highest French honor) while serving as an infantry Marine with the Fifth Marine Regiment that saved Paris from the Germans.

The Germans labeled these brave men ‘Devil Dogs’ (Teufelhunden). A portion of our proceeds will be pledged to the National Park Center Services and to - the summer camp for kids 14 to 17 headquartered at Camp Pendleton.

Today, there are three living Marine shipmates from the USS Arizona – one in Texas, one in Indiana, and former Commanding Officer (CO), Colonel John Earle, who lives in Hawaii.


America's Greatest Generation
Living Their Finest Hour:
World War II -- 1941 - 1945
Stories of Men and Women who experienced the greatest event in the history of the world -- World War II...As seen through their eyes and told in their words.

History of Marine Corps Aviation
While Pappy Boyington and his Black Sheep Squadron of World War Two are the most famous Marine Corps aviators, "Leatherneck" fliers have contributed to the operations of the Corps, from WWI to the present.

The Few, The Proud, The Marines...

INFAMOUS DAY: Marines at Pearl Harbor




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