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How to get here:

Drive a vehicle:

From Waikiki, take the H1 freeway and go past the airport. Watch for the Pearl Harbor exit. DON'T TAKE IT!.

Immediately after the Pearl Harbor exit is an exit labeled "Arizona Memorial, Stadium." TAKE THIS EXIT. You will pass the Navy base on your left, including some large oil storage tanks, and headquarters for the Pacific Fleet on your right. Exit from the left lane where the sign says "Arizona Memorial." If you reach the stadium, you've gone too far. Adjacent to the Arizona Memorial Visitors Center is the Bowfin Memorial. PHVC is between the two (the big white tent).

Take a shuttle:

Ask at your hotel desk about Arizona Memorial shuttles. They offer pickup at your hotel and are inexpensive. The Bowfin and Missouri Memorials are just a short walk from the drop off point for the Arizona Memorial. Plan to visit all three.

Take a city bus:

There is a service from Waikiki to the memorials, the #42 bus. Or, catch the Express B on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki, transfer to Express A at Punchbowl and Beretania, and get off at the Arizona Memorial. Buses run about every 15 minutes. Call TheBus at 848-5555 or check their web site to confirm route hasn't changed.


Take a cab:

This is a good alternative if you are coming from the vicinity of the airport.

Charley's Taxi has been serving the Marines since 1938

Call 24-HOUR RADIO DISPATCH, 531-1333,
or dial FREE from public phones, 877-531-1333


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